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Killers From Space

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Killers From Space

Published 1954

Attack by monsters from another planet!

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Run time 71min
Audio/Visual sound, B&W


Reviewer: BoardOp - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 23, 2015
Subject: another awful movie....
...and I love it! I have watched these old cheesy flicks for over fifty years, and each one is a treasure unto itself. You just have to look past the acting, the dialog, the script, and...uh...nevermind
Reviewer: dahszil - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 20, 2014
Subject: "I'm terribly sorry Mrs. Martin"
But I gotta have a cigarette. i just started watching, sorry. but it amazes me that in these older movies every time somebody meets another person or has nothing better to do, its alcohol and/or cigarettes. the greatest killers of all drugs that people take today. don't get me wrong i love old movies.
Reviewer: blakta2 - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 7, 2014
Subject: Killers From Space
I have enjoyed these creature features since I was a small child. It grew into pure love about the time I became a teenager and earned a black and white television for my bedroom! I'm nearly 50 now and my love for these movies hasn't dimmed at all. Some of them are perfect, some are not, but all of them are awesome...every single one!
Reviewer: Myidoru - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 6, 2013
Subject: Quite Entertaining
It really was quite entertaining, as long as you suspended judgement on the googly eyed aliens..... A plot was in evidence, and there was some actual acting, giant monsters and big explosions. But... sad about the aliens.
Reviewer: Framan - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 2, 2013
Subject: Picture quality is pretty good
The previous reviews have discussed the quality of the plot and acting. The picture quality is adeqaute for personal watching.
Reviewer: USABG58 - favoritefavorite - June 29, 2011
Subject: Excuse me...?
"Tar Baby 2"?! "Tar Baby 7"?! Ahhh...well...aren't those, never mind. Anyway, not worth my time watching it.
Reviewer: jeffzkrazie - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 6, 2011
Subject: Scagsdale need to stop biting the bone
Nibble Nibble.. Hmmmm Scaggy?

Love the movie, I've got a cheap VHS Copy of it and I play it every so often when I'm in the mood of Digesting Cheese in the movie Industry.
Reviewer: erikals - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 25, 2011
Subject: Cheap 'n Cheesy
Pretty cheaply made movie - the effects are rubbish, cheap plot devices (alien mind control disabled by sodium pentothal).

Good for a laugh or two if you like these sort of movies.
Reviewer: ohsnapiam56 - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 8, 2011
Subject: Have some wine with this cheese!
Good 'awful' movie...crappy special effects, stiff acting (well except for Peter Graves). Two things to watch for: in the cave he is supposed to be running through it trying to find an escape route but he keeps running past the same rock formation a zillion times. And at the end, when he holds the gun on the guy, he is holding it upside down (actually pointing it at him). Then you see him look down, recognize what he's doing and then they give you a close up while he turns the gun around, If you watch his arms, you can see him do it. Love it.
Reviewer: Scagsdale - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 23, 2010
Subject: Dr Feel Rotten quit political bashing
Tea Partiers aren't crazy. Sarah Palin is not any more crazy than most politically active folks on the left. Why bring this nonsense up in movie reviews?
As for the movie - cool old Sci Fi - always love these things - reminds me of my childhood.
Reviewer: Dr Feel Rotten - favoritefavorite - November 3, 2010
Subject: Blew em to smitherines, but...
What about the 10 billion others still out in space just waiting on those platforms? A mere 50 years has passed in our time, but for them it's only been a few days.
They're back as the Tea Party!
It's all over earthlings.
Reviewer: accalaurie49 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2010
Subject: Watch the Skies!!!
Nice little low budget film! Of course, stiff acting, cheesy and hilarious aliens even according to the standards of its time, but as a whole very funny.

For whom it may concern: The author of the short story used as basis for the screen play is Myles Wilder, the son of director/producer W. Lee Wilder. So, it is kind of "family business".
Reviewer: nigeldavahah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2010
Subject: i liked it
worth the watch
Reviewer: cosmico - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 2, 2010
Subject: Fascinating
Hard to explain rationally, but this film has a strange, almost hypnotic attraction for me, because every time I saw it on TV in the 60s and 70s, it was 3 or 4 in the morning when I was ready for sleep but not yet willing to give up.

This is likely W. Lee Wilder's most famous film, a crazy b-movie part sci-fi, part film noir, part soap opera, part psychological thriller, with lots of very odd visuals and bizarre effects.

I told you it was hard to explain rationally, but it easily ranks a 5 star rating from me. Personally, I find it a heck of a lot more entertaining than anything the director's more famous but less kindly brother Billy made.

If you liked this one at all, check out PHANTOM FROM SPACE and THE SNOW CREATURE.
Reviewer: Step_Nine_Productions - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 12, 2009
Subject: Well, this is interesting
KILLERS FROM SPACE is a very... hmmm, I can't really think of the right words to describe this. It's not that it is horrible, as some reviewers here seem to think, it is just a cool old b-movie about aliens. There isn't anything super-amazing, but it's really great to watch if you are not expecting an epic production.

BOTTOM LINE: **** out of a possible ***** stars.
Reviewer: bestpbx - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 24, 2009
Subject: Great old time Sci Fi fun!
I love these old space monster movies! Everyone in them takes it so seriously and the result is a great movie to watch on a rainy afternoon. You could watch them with a kid and not be worried that they would see nudity or four letter words. ANd it is just spooky enough to interest the kiddos without making them a candidate for therapy.
Reviewer: jazzfan - favoritefavorite - October 11, 2008
Subject: I first saw this on TV 50 years ago
And those big eyes scared me back then. The best parts of the movie are Graves '53 Studebaker and his delicious wife.
Reviewer: pistol71 - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 20, 2008
Subject: Ahead of it's time ?
This is what everyone else says a not atypical 1950's American sci-fi movie with failly poor acting, fairly weak plot and leaden dialogue.

But it is just me or is this anticipating the whole alien abduction phenomenon by decades ? The film was made SEVEN years before the "first" classic real life case of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, yet it features all the touchstones associated with it flashbacks distubed sleep, waking up on a table surrounded by aliens AND hypnotic regression !

Life imitating art or proof that the phenomenon is older than some believers think ?

There are some good UFO ideas and the dialogue occasionally sparkles "Dr would you not feel safer on THIS side" ? When our hero is escaping from the monsters he ran into whilst fleeing his cell?

responses please to (London, England)

Reviewer: Robin_1990 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 9, 2008
Subject: Cheese at it's finest (I saw it on DVD)
I saw this film on DVD, and was amazed at how it kept me amused. It isn't a "Good" film in the traditional sense, But it it good cheesy fun! After all, back in the 50's and today, B-Movies were designed to let people excape from reality. And this film does that!
Reviewer: beirwer - favorite - March 9, 2007
Subject: Pyew, what a stinker.
The acting is horrible, the pace is dead slow, sequences are drawn out way too long. The aliens are ridiculous. They look like crash-test dummies at the moment of impact. If the budget was that low they should have just had them look like humans.

There's "so bad it's good" ("Killer Shrews", "Fiend Without A Face", etc.) and then there's so bad it's a turd (this). Most of the worst B movies I've ever seen I could at least say it was worth a watch one time just to have seen it. This piece of crap wasn't even worth that.
Reviewer: JoeCinema - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 3, 2005
Subject: Aliens? LOL
The Killers from Space in this low-budget sci-fier are a group of aliens bent on conquering the earth. To this end, they overtake the mind and body of atomic scientist Peter Graves, using the poor man as a combination spy and saboteur. When Graves realizes this, he tries to warn mankind, but no one believes him. Marching defiantly back to the aliens' Bronson Canyon headquarters, where the slimy villains are busily syphoning off electrical power from a nearby generator, Graves vows to stop the extraterrestrials at any cost...including his own life (or what there's left of it). The makeup used for the aliens is laughable, but the film works so long as it concentrates on Graves' plight. Produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder, the brother of the more celebrated Billy Wilder, Killers from Space was distributed in the US by RKO Radio.


Peter Graves - Doug Martin
James Seay - Col. Banks
Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton - Briggs /
Barbara Bestar - Ellen Martin
Robert Roark - Guard
Ben Welden - Pilot
Burt Wenland - Sergeant
Mark Scott - Narrator
Lester Dorr - Station attendant
Jack Daly - Powerhouse guard
John Merrick - Deneb-Tala
Shepard Menken - Maj. Clift
Frank Gerstle - Dr. Kruger
Ron Kennedy - Sentry

Production Credits:

W. Lee Wilder - Director / Producer
Bill Raynor - Screenwriter
Myles Wilder - Short Story Author
William H. Clothier - Cinematographer
Manuel Compinsky - Composer (Music Score)
William Faris - Editor
Harry Thomas - Makeup
Reviewer: DeeMented - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2005
Subject: Bad science fiction at its best
Set in a time when atomic explosions were still much feared and misunderstood by the masses, this film features a plot that is wholly laughable today. As with much of the science fiction from the black-and-white era, this film features alien gadgets that sparkle with untethered electricity, life forms from a far-away galaxy who just happen to speak perfect English, and the one person who can foil their plot is locked away "for his own good".

A must see for any sci-fi fan who believes that bad sciense fiction is the best science fiction. Others will probably just see a bad movie here.

I downloaded the MPEG1 file (338 MB). The picture and sound were very good; very watchable.
Reviewer: Fred P. B. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 28, 2005
Subject: Loved it!
You may recognize many of the older actors. A VERY young Peter Graves is the star. Special effects are, of course, campy. Aliens are hilarious. Not a bad basic scifi plot though.
Corny and bad, just how I like them.

Reviewer: Jugs - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 27, 2005
Subject: Killers From Space
Longhair hippy, why reveal the plot?
I can see no sense in you doing that.
There is no rhyme or reason for doing so
Reviewer: SpidersEatBabies - favorite - July 16, 2005
Subject: Doesn't Work
I've tried all the different downloads and they have all been messsed up in some way, i.e. not the whole movie, broken sound, etc...
Reviewer: dog from Nightwatch - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 13, 2005
Subject: A good example of a "B" movie.
Let's look at this movie by considering it's parts.

The acting for the most part was good, and it even included a few "names" among the credits.

The camera work was competent as was the editing.

The screenplay was reasonable considering it was intended, ( for the most part ), a yonger audience.

The special affects were dictated by a low budget, ( far too low in hindsight I'd think ).

With these facts in mind what you get is a fair motion picture. Nothing as good as "The day the earth stood still, or even on the same level as "Earth vs the flying saucers", but then again those were intended to be cross over films, not gern exploitation films, and their audience was more general than this one, which as I said had a young target audience.

If "Forbidden Planet" is considered the Science fiction masterpeice of the 1950's, then this film is trully a dog of sorts, but this movie never aspired too that level in the first place, and so in that context it's a reasonably well made little film which today we would consider "camp" but at the time it was made filled the theater filled the theater with screeming little kids on a saturday afternoon.

As it goes there are far better "B" pictures, and some that are trully worse than this, ef you haven't seen this film before then I would recomend you do so, if you just keep in mind the original intent of the filmmakers you may actually enjoy it.
Reviewer: longhair_hippy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 23, 2005
Subject: The first alien abduction movie.
In 1954, Ufo's were pretty much on people's minds, and yet abductions were not the UFO headlines of the time, they were "contactees", like George Adamsky who met a peaceful long-haired blonde male alien from "venus" in the desert in 1952. The claim made the headlines two years after the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

When I downloaded "Killers From Space", I was pleasantly surprised, to see a b-movie version of an alien abduction. A military pilot crashes, and is abducted by aliens with ping-pong ball eyes. They also need a new planet to live on, since their sun is running out of coal, and will burn out. The pick earth as their new settlement, and plan to unleash giant tarantulas, cockroaches, gila monsters and giant grasshoppers to conduct their plan.

I love the high tech plasma screens that the aliens use for their surveilliance system, video conferences with their leader, and showing clips of the other planets they visited. The controls remind of some kind of telephone switchboard, and the screen is like 30 inches, with two antenas on the top, with an elecric arc between the antenae. Very funny. I like to see the electronics of the period as well, osciloscopes, and lots of dials and switches.

In the end, it is discovered that by cutting off the electricity for ten seconds, will start a nuclear reaction, that will destroy the giant critters and the alien settlers in their cave.

A must watch for b-movie fans

Humour value: 4 Camp Value: 5 Acting: 3
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